[games] The frustrations of two-player Catan

The weather was poor all weekend so Dollar and I stayed in and played Settlers. We've been playing this variant because it allows us to include the Seafarers expansion. We tried Intimate Settlers a couple times but found that we liked the one-small-island-and-discover version better than two-home-bases one.

Most of our games ended up looking something like:

Final Score- Dollar 20, Amy 10.

Dollar won all but one of the games. I think it's because it takes FIVE MINUTES for him to complete his turn. My turn goes like: "I want to build a road, I discover a tile, it's water, of course it is, sigh, I'm all done." His turns went like, "Oh look, I rolled a seven. I'll put the robber on one of your tiles, steal a card from you, and now I want to... build... a... Hmm... ... ... ... ... Sigh... ... Do I want to build a ship or a road? Hmm... [tap tap TAPPING his foot on the floor] Hm... I- Hmm..."

AAGGHH!!! I understand he’s THINKING of what he wants to do but come on! I was able to knit a small bag, finish a washcloth and start another washcloth DURING HIS TURNS ONLY while we played. Here's one of the small bags in use:

Here are the two I made:

The one on the left used almost a whole ball of Knit Picks Ambrosia (in Lavender). It's about 5 x 7 inches and sooooo soft (and maybe a little on the "girly" side). I knit the I-cord using the Embellish-Knit machine from JoAnn. The little device has gotten some pretty crappy reviews but I think it works just fine. It could have taken me an hour to knit all that I-Cord but the crank-turning device got it done for me in three minutes. No, you can't use bulky yarn with it (or even worsted weight). Yes, the directions are a little unclear and you need to make sure the hooks are doing their hooking thing properly, but after that it is smooth sailing. I swear.

The smaller bag on the right (about 4 x 5 inches) used a negligible amount of Lion Brand Wool Ease. We've been using it for blindly picking out a numbered disk when a new land hexagon has been discovered. The next bag I knit needs to be big enough to hold all the undiscovered hex tiles. We used a hat at first (couldn't mix them up enough), then a brown paper bag (you could shake/mix them up but the bag started to look way ghetto after just a couple games), and currently a small-ish canvas tote bag. The tote bag is working out all right, but it's a little too long. Another knit bag may be in order but I've got so much Christmas knitting to do that I'm starting to freak out.

Oh, and once I figure out how to knit hexagons, I thought it would be totally cool to knit a Settlers bag (yellow for wheat, dark green for forest, etc). Anyone know where I can get a plain hexagon pattern? I know Knitting Nature is full of them but...

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