[amy] How the haunted maze has permanently damaged me.

Friday the 13th. I wasn't planning on going anywhere after dark but I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to make a run to the pizza place. Dollar wasn't coming with me to pick it up because he got home late from work and just wanted to chill. Fine. I drove up into Hanover and saw crowds of people waiting for the bonfire to be lit. GREAT. Now there's going to be no parking. I drove down Main Street, took a left onto Lebanon Street and a right into the new-ish parking garage. I went down, down, down looking for an open spot. Finally I pulled into one of the many available Permit Only spaces because I was only going to be gone for 5 minutes. I got out of the car and shut my door, listening to the sound echo off the concrete walls.

Then nothing. There were lots of cars around but no people. This wouldn't have been so scary if NPR hadn't been discussing horror movies during the entire drive over. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, blood, gore, etc. I wanted the fastest way out of the garage so I made my way toward the stairwell. Just as the door heavily closed behind me, I thought I heard whispers. Suddenly feeling vulnerable in the stairwell (and wishing I had a can of mace), I exited at the next level. I try to find a door out of the garage spot one nearby. I push through and find myself outside but behind the garage in an alley with (easy to hind behind) dumpsters. Should I find my way to the street or go back inside? Street.

Around the corner of the building, I walk by various large construction objects (where it would be very easy to hide a body) and make it to the street, thankful to be alive. I calmly walk into the pizza shop and pay. Now how to get back to my car? The way out was convoluted and somewhat terrifying. I walk down a side street and enter the garage via an unused exit. I walk down some steps and my car should be here. ... It should be... Shouldn't it be here? No, well, maybe on the next level down. Walk walk walk. It should be... here! No. I guess it's on the next level. Walk walk walk. Is that- Is there someone behind me? Walkwalkwalkwalkwalk. Here! No. Where is it? I don't think I drive this far down. Nothing looks familiar! Someone's trying to kill me! I go running for the stairwell, ready to slice any assailant across the face with my pizza box and run up two flights of stairs.

Gasping, I throw open the door to Level Two and see my car. Getting my breath under control, I readjust the pizza box to a more horizontal level from it's vertical shield-like position, and walk towards my car. Not feeling quite safe yet, I sprint the last 10 feet, jump in, lock the doors, check the back seats and open trunk for anybody hiding. Safe. I start the car and drive home. I don't listen to NPR during the drive home.

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Kelly said...

I get creeped out pretty easily too. Glad you made to your car safely!