[knitting] Felting with Patons SWS

I got one ball of Patons SWS (70% wool, 30% soy) in Natural Earth when I went down to Michael's. I cast on an unknown number of stitches onto #13 circular needles and knit until the ball was gone. The plan was to felt it and then sew in a zipper.

Look at all the colors. The yarn was really nice and squishy. There was also a nice sheen from the soy.

Before felting, with Altoid tin for scale.

After felting. Shit man, where'd all the yarn go?

What's with the curl? Well, I did sew in a zipper by hand. I sewed one half in, then the other. But I think one side was pulled tighter or something. Anyway, the stupid thing curled.

I re-soaked the bag in tepid water and then pressed flat. It's (mostly) okay now. The only problem is the awkward shape. What am I going to keep in here, chopsticks? The bag is too short for drum sticks. It's not big enough around for all my double-pointed or single-point needles. My plan is just to let it sit around until its usefulness is revealed to me.

WARNING: If you're going to felt with this yarn, I recommend not leaving the washing machine's side. I usually go down to the basement to throw a sample or swatch in, go back upstairs to do the dishes or cook, then go down to check on it a little later, then back upstairs, etc etc. SWS FELTS EXTREMELY FAST. I probably would have pulled this out sooner, so it didn't end up so small.

Further proof you should check the washing machine every two minutes.

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