[knitting] A pair of socks, a pair of hats

I finally took a couple pictures of Dollar's green socks:


I love seeing these on his feet. Every time I see him in these, it's like he just brought home a bouquet of flowers for me. And my involvement with these socks is over (until mending is needed)- he washes and wears them on his own. I really like that these socks can be machine washed and dried. The 2x2 rib around the leg is a little too loose, so the next pair will have a 1x1 rib. I used less that two balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted weight. (The socks are on my smaller feet in the 2nd picture. It was too early in the morning for me to wake him up and say, "Hey put these on, I gotta take a picture.")

I topped the pumpkin hat with a corkscrew vine and leaf (both from Knitting on the Edge):


I wore this to the haunted maze and got a compliment on it from a high-schooler. She was part of one of those moving packs of adolescent girls. She timidly said to me, "I like your hat," and started mad giggling. Then her friends were like, "Shelly, ohmigawd, like I can't even believe you said that." More mad giggling. Then I was all like, "Thank you." And then they were all like, ignoring me all of a sudden. And I was all like, what-evers.

I'm approaching the finish line for We Call them (Girly) Pirates:

This has been my 2nd Fair Isle project. It was very difficult for me in the beginning, holding two colors of yarn at the same time. Picking with one, throwing with the other. I kept twisting my stitches the wrong way. I didn't really feel comfortable until I completed 40% of the hat. I'm working up the lining now. After I tack that down and block the whole thing, I see how it looks and decide what changes need to be made for Dollar's manly grey/black version.


Shelby said...

re: Pirates - I frickin' LOVE Hello Yarn and all her patterns. I am a chronic over-spender on her website, and she's a really awesome person to boot. I am in the midst of making one of her mini felted skull & crossbones bags...wicked excited!

av knits said...

Hey! I've hiked Gile Mountain! I grew up in Norwich? Where are you????

amy said...

I grew up and currently reside in the Upper Valley (on the Vermont side).

nicole said...

Um, I like your hat. Omigawd.

That is my life everyday. This morning two girls ran across the courtyard towards each other screaming and then hugged. Apparently, they hadn't seen each other since yesterday.

Seriously, though, nice job on the hat and socks.