[knitting] Started Starsky!

I went knit-crazy this past weekend. In preparation for the second season of Deadwood (out tomorrow!), I've been re-watching all the first season episodes. And I've fallen in love with Doc Cochran all over again.

Friday night I cast on for Starsky and by close of business Sunday night, this is how far I had gotten:

It's moving along rapidly on size 10 needles. I decided to use my huge-ass hanks of Eco Wool since the gauge was correct and the yardage is so great. No weaving in billions of ends for me, thank you.

And just to show everything else I'm working on:

Dollar's sock. Need to make another one. And need to figure out how to knit both on two circulars.

Mother's Day socks destined to be a Christmas gift.

Hobocamp bag. I ran out of wool and have to rip it. AAGGHH!! I don't know what to do with this yarn now.


Shelby said...

what kind of yarn are your mother's day socks? Such a pretty color...

Christie said...

I love starsky...cna't wait to see how it looks all knitted up!

amy said...

I'm using Regia Silk for the socks. It's nice and shiney. I got it at Northern Nights Yarn Shop in Norwich.

heidi said...

Starsky is looking really good so far!