[travel] Manchester, TN to Portland, OR

I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling in June. Bonnaroo is mid-June in Manchester, TN. Dollar and I are camping so I'm currently doing all the planning and gathering of the things we're going to need. In fact, there's a list here of what to Bringaroo. I'd say we're 30-40% set. Which makes me a little nervous. A tentative schedule has been put up (check under Artists), but it's acting kind of flakey.

It's going to be an awesome time. We both love, love, love music and can't wait. He's excited for Cypress Hill. I'm pumped for Atmosphere, Gomez and Sasha. We were talking about how much sleep we plan to get and I suggested, "Dude. We should totally, like, NOT sleep the whole time we're there." Dollar agreed with this plan.

Three days after returning from Bonnaroo, I'll have to turn around and head out to Portland, OR for work. Portland seems like a nice, chill place to work and come down off Bonnaroo. I was just talking to a co-worker who recently went and he said, "There's a big bookstore there. Huge. You should go check it out while you're there." Pssht. 'Big bookstore'? I snuck into Book Expo America one year, don't try to tell me about a lot of books in one place. I check online for bookstores in Portland and found the store he was referring to. I ran down to his office and said, "Dude! No way! Shut up! You're talking about Powell's!" Yeah that's the one, he says.

OMFG!11!!! The bookstore, called Powell's City of Books (not an exaggeration), is as big as a city block. Multi levels, multi sections and, holiest of holies, a RARE BOOKS ROOM (with GUARDS and everything!). I am going to find all the books I want that stupid Amazon doesn't carry and FIND them at Powell's. This is... I can't... I'm sorry, I'm crying. Just look at how big the place is. I'm going to be out there a week and the plan is to go through two sections per evening. I'm bringing an extra suitcase.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you! I've missed you alot. Lost your contact info. I really think we should grab coffee sometime soon. Contact me!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go see Dr. John/Rebirth/Dumpstaphunk and the Codetalkers if you can. Great funky music.


Anonymous said...

I'm in MA - also headed down to TN. fun fun fun!

im a little nervous on the camping situation - what time are you planning to leave?

amy said...

Well, we're leaving Wednesday morning EARLY. The plan is to make it to southwestern Virginia and camp for the night. Then Thursday we'll make the last leg of the trip, which should only take 5-6 hours. THEN THE PARTY STARTS THURSDAY NIGHT.

(Note: If you're asking because you want to come to my home and rob me, I've already arranged for a house-sitter. Sorry.)

KnitAbout said...

I am FROM Portland. I miss Powell's on a daily basis. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

sorry, dont know who you are and i certainly dont want to rob anyone :)

just curious.

we were going to drive, but now plan on flying - things change so quickly!

part of the group is driving - we couldnt leave till wednesday, so they were worried we would miss the campground and would be stuck by the car.