[amy] NH Sheep and Wool Festival, new uvMix

Dollar and I are heading down to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow. Should be fun; I had a good time last year. The only way I could talk Dollar into coming was to say, "Sheep Dog herding demonstrations."

I've got a (mostly) new hour for the uvMix this week. Become a member to download.

I'm plodding along through The Occult Conspiracy. It's chock 'o block full of information but I keep on getting caught up on the smaller references. The tower of Babel and King Nimrod. I read that and had to go, "Huh huh. Nimrod. How much would it suck if you did sometime so stupid, they made your name synonymous with the word 'stupid'?"

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kaszeta said...

The sheep and wool festival is pretty cool (although we skipped this year due to the rain). Like dollar, the high point for me is watching the herding dogs.