[books] The Occult Conspiracy

Book Club met at my place last night. I think only two people actually finished The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard. It's a DENSE little book for 200 pages- each chapter could have been a whole book! I think I would have preferred something like Inside Secret Societies by Michael Benson, which is more like an encyclopedia. I just want to know what the name of the group is and what their agenda is. Howard's book was too much like a soap opera on fast forward. But it's a good jumping off point to do more research on my own or to at least be more aware of these groups and their influence on everything.

Supper was a maple glazed pork roast, glazed carrots cut on a bias, garden salad, sliced apples and fresh baked ciabatta. The pork and carrot recipes came from a back issue of Cook's Illustrated. This ciabatta recipe is fast becoming my go-to bread recipe. This was the third time I made it and because I was strapped for counter space, I made the mistake of allowing the last rise ON the baking sheet I was going to use. The bread ended up baking onto the sheet. I was able to get most of it off but it looked like a pack of angry wolverines had attacked the bread before I handed it out to my dinner guests.

The next book club meeting won't be until July. A bookclub member suggested something about rainbows and puppies. I'm inclined to agree- I want easy, guilty, fast fiction. Please. I'd have no problem with Walter the Farting Dog, Little Lord Farting Boy or even Pee-Ew! Is That You, Bertie? I just want to read a book about farting.

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