The adventure is just beginning for Tyler.

This past Monday a friend of mine (and the whole Upper Valley's) died in a swimming accident. Tyler was a great guy and the world is worse off without him. He was a super-peaceful, helpful, gentle, friendly guy. He helped me put in an air conditioner at my place last summer. After we put it in, we went outside to look at the back of it only to see a big handprint laid into the delicate metal gills. We tried as best we could to straighten them out but there's still a Tyler-sized hand print there and there always will be. Which I'm quite happy about now. He was also a member of my book club and it's hard for me to delete his email address from the mailing list. It's hard to think I'll never see him around again. Tyler, where ever you are, I know you have your to-go coffee mug with you. Peace.

Angela just posted this to the uvScene.


Christie said...

So sorry about your loss. It's so hard to lose someone so close.

nicole said...

I am sorry for your loss, Amy. Take care.

Angela said...

I love the Tyler hand print- that's so aprapo. It reminds me of the saying "take nothing by photos, leave nothing but foot prints."

tyler and I were friends since the 5th grade... it's really hard to imagine him not being around. I think he spent more time at my parents house than I did. I'm still in shock. If you want to bring me a cigarette tonight, I won't turn you away.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I totally knew that guy. His friend Scooter used to drink the Kenya AA, but all I remember about Tyler is the smell of clove cigarettes. May he rest in peace.