I’m back

I’m still feel jet-lagged but was able to get up at 6:14am this morning and go about my morning duties in a wide-eyed, I’m-so-friggin’-tired-I’m-awake haze. I still can’t seem to get to sleep before 12:30am and my cat is so happy I’m back, he likes to make me up at 4:30am by walking across my midsection.

Why is it so good to be back? Everything is green here. On the plane back from L.A., I didn’t see green on the ground until we were over Pennsylvania. The west is go brown and… hot-looking.

Back at work, I found a smashed copy of Watership Down and a $20.00 gift card to Borders on my desk this morning. It’s signed “Tim” but there are many Tim’s in my building. I can’t decide if it’s from the boss and I’ve been fired (and the card is a really shitty severance package). Maybe I lent the book to another Tim and the gift card is meant as an apology for the shitty state of the book. Whatever, the point is: $20.00 to spend at Borders. All right.


Bill said...

Did you end up hanging out with Jayne?

amy said...

No. She gave me a few ideas for places to visit, though. I ended up going to the Museum of Contemporary Art.