[amy] It just sounds dirty

My big news is that I’m moving out if my sister’s house into a three bedroom apartment. It’ll be nice but, since I’ve never lived alone, kind of scary. To make me feel better, a co-worker told me, “Now you can have a whole bunch of one-night-stands and no one will know.”


Later, I was chatting with someone on the phone (note: this is only the second time I’ve spoken to him) and a portion of the conversation went:

ME: Oh yeah, how was your birthday?
HIM: I got a massage table from my friends!
ME: That’s a really nice gift.
HIM: So if you get stressed out and need a massage…
ME: …
HIM: …
ME: Yeah, I don’t think so.
HIM: Okay.

Now Bookslut just posted about this book. Looking around the website, I at first tee hee’d, then I blushed and finally I rolled my eyes made derisive noises. Using words like coreplay and saying “stimulation as opposed to penetration” isn’t going to make me want to buy your book. I don’t know, that’s just me. (And I bet that that Ian Kerner dude is a total sexaholic pervert.)

That reminds me: There’s this store in the area called Un-dun and they sell watches, cigars and (generally) kitchy things. In the back of the store, though, in a hidden room they sell bongs and sex toys. No joke. I’ve never been in it but you can hear people talking through the walls and I’ve seen people go in while I was there browsing. Anyway, the young-ish man and woman who own the store are a married and every time I see them, I presume all they do is get high and have nasty sex. I can’t help it! Look at what they sell!

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