What an excellent weekend. Seriously. Friday was Engineer Day at work and this is when we have our yearly company cookout. I played for my branch in the volleyball tournament, but didn’t do so good. Hitting the ball so that it goes over the net is harder than it looks.

After that, I went to catch a matinee of Fahrenheit 9/11. I think I cried four times. Actually, “cried” doesn’t do justice to the half-hyperventilating sobbing that was wracking my body. I actually wish I had rocks or eggs with me because there were a couple strong instances where I wanted something to throw at Bush’s face and scream “I HATE YOU!!” at the screen. I think everyone in the country should see this documentary.

While Barbara, Jason, Kyle and I were waiting in line for tickets (and the line was incredibly impressive for a 4:10pm matinee), a guy from The Valley News sauntered over to us to ask some questions: Have we ever seen any other Michael Moore Films? What do we think of his films? What are our expectations for this film? What are our political affiliations? He asked, “Do you know what Michael Moore said he hopes this film accomplishes?” “Yeah,” I said, “To get Bush out of office.” “What do you think about that?” He asked. “I hope it works.” Dude, I’m telling you, I was giving this guy verbal gold to put in the paper. Cut to-

Saturday morning Jason goes out to the get the paper. The article’s on the front page [see: bottom left] and the only quotes in it are from Jason and a couple other people. I’m like What the hell?

Saturday we went strawberry picking and bought three gallons of strawberries for freezing. I think it came to $28.00, which isn’t bad considering it costs $5.00 per quart at the Co-op. Sunday morning I made strawberry muffins. I painted the trim in my dining room (eh, my painting skill aren’t really improving). That night it was strawberry smoothies for supper and I can’t honestly think of anything that tastes better than a strawberry smoothie made with 75% strawberries.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Griffith got sprayed by a skunk Friday night. Poor thing still smells bad after a tomoato juice bath. And the white fur around his neck is now pink...

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Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you see on the silver screen.
Michael Moore is just Leni Riefenstahl with a 4 day growth of beard.

Conspiracy theories are for weak minded people. And you wear the tinfoil hat shiny side IN.