[books] My So-Called Life

The hott* crackerjack one this summer is going to be Clinton's My Life (out today!!! WOO!!! go get it!!! it's gonna be a pageturner, muthafuckah!!). This report mentions how snotty Bill gets when people ask him about the whole "affair" thing. Hel-lo? Why are you surprised? That's what people want their summer reading to be like: tantilizing. And Billy only talks about it for 12 pages? 12 pages out of 1000? C'mon, man. You've got to give me something more if you want me to buy your book.

*I will no longer be using the word "hott" anymore after seeing Paris Hilton over-use the word to the extreme at the MTV movie awards. I have no guarantee that the word she was repeating had two t's like mine (which makes mine twice as cool) but I have my image to think about. So, I'll be trying out such words as "crackerjack," "dandy" and (this might be tricky) "recent." Maybe "thermogenic"?

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