[misc] Murderface Santana Penny Rocky Monday

Boys and girls are even in the house now, after adding Rocky.

These guys. I just realized that boys and girls are even in the house now.

Santana and MF went to the vet a week ago for their annual exam and shots. They are doing really well for older cats- Santana is probably 12 and MF is around 10. I made an appt to bring Santana back down for a teeth cleaning during the week. They did some light bloodwork for the anesthesia and saw some bad kidney and liver numbers for her. It's bad- kidney and liver disease- but very early. As long as we're careful and diligent about a new diet for Santana, we can have many more years. We've already started her on new food and she seems to enjoy it.

I'm picking up more comprehensive bloodwork tests and prescription food after work. I'm grateful that she drinks enough. They did a urine test and found no infection. She's always been an extra-thirsty cat; we leave water glasses for her to drink from around the house. 

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