[crafts] Autumn Wreath

I've been making wreaths from vines since I was a kid. I remember spending the summers at my grandparents farm (where I now live) and ripping down vines to make rustic wreaths. Earlier this summer, I saw some vines growing all over the large rock pile we have. I pulled them off, stripped the leaves, sat on the porch and wound them into a simple, plain wreath. It's been hanging up undecorated. This past weekend I bought some fall-themed faux floral decorations at the craft store. Here is my handmade wreath, before adding the decorations on the right:

Homemade vine wreath + Craft store autumn floral decorations =

And after, hanging on the front door:

Autumn wreath. Might submit to fair. Unsure if faux floral decorations allowed.

I would like to enter it into the fair this year but I'm not sure faux-floral things are allowed. I will have to check the book. I don't have a problem with fake flowers or stick my nose up at them- this wreath will last forever and it's weather-proof, which is nice because it's outdoors.

It may seem a tad early to decorate for autumn but I had to take down all the leftover 4th of July decorations and the only sensible replacement seemed to be fall stuff. The entryway table now looks like:


I'll probably leave it the same until Thanksgiving. Maybe add a few spooky things for Halloween but only change the entire display for Christmas. ... Yuck! I can't believe I'm talking about Christmas decorations in early August. I'm going take some pictures of flowers and go back to complaining about the awful heat and humidity.

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