[cooking] Kimchi

Made my first ever batch of kimchi:

Homemade #kimchi. Napa cabbage from my CSA. Hot pepper mix from my mom. She's cagey about sharing the secret recipe. #butimyourdaughter #doesntmatter

I received one head of napa cabbage from my CSA. I asked my mom for her kimchi recipe. She was cagey about giving details. I was like, "So the red pepper paste that I mix in- it's red peppers... and garlic..." The phone is silent. "... Ginger?" "Yes. Some ginger." "And... ?" "Uh, I'll just mix some up and you come pick it up." Sigh. Someday I'll get the list of ingredients.

I cut up the napa cabbage. Let it soak in salt water for an entire day. Rinsed the leaves. Mixed it all up and packed it into a couple plastic containers. I don't know when I'll get around to eating it, so I put it into the fridge (rather than letting it cure on the countertop for a couple days to speed up the fermentation).

Now that I think about, I've got to try a bite tonight- so see if it taste exactly like the kimchi I'm most familiar with.

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