[gardening] The 11th Flower Bed

The lower lawn next to the brook was pretty marshy and soggy to mow. My cousin came and added better drainage. He made it nice and flat and landscaped with boulders from our rock pile (big pieces of bedrock blasted apart for the house's foundation).

Looking down from the direction of the house:

New bench and flower bed

A bench was made next to the crab apple tree, which will provide nice shade in the afternoon. The flat stone was a foundation stone from the old farmhouse.

Walking around to the other side, looking back toward the house:

That rock wall is going to be a new woodchuck apartment complex, I know it.

All the brown has been seeded and hayed since the picture was taken and will be nice new lawn.

Looking a little more to the left:

New rock wall around flower bed

There used to be two tall evergreens on either side of that young maple tree. Neither were particularly healthy. They were cut down and now this area is much sunnier and there is plenty of room for the maple tree to grow.

You can see vegetation between and lichen growing on some of the rocks- that's an old rock wall that was already there. It was exposed a bit more and incorporated it as one side of this new raised bed.

I love it. I love it. I love it. It's big and I didn't have to dig up and haul away wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of sod like every other flower bed I've made around the house. All I have to do is plant things. Ideally the plants will have to be deer resistant (there are already tons of deer tracks all over the dirt) and woodchuck resistant (this new rock wall is primo apartments for the little bastards to move in to).

I'll move and divide up things starting in a couple weeks. I want to wait for some rain to settle the soil and then wait until rain is forecast because the hose won't run all the way down here and there's no way I'm hauling a watering can from the outside faucet on the house. If the brook was deeper it would be a good option but it's pretty shallow at the moment.

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