[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface on his crinkly bag:


I bought a few new toys for the cats, including this brown, compressed-catnip mouse below:


The cats aren't crazy for it. They like it but aren't OMG-I-LOVE-THIS-THING.

We were planning on seeing a big fireworks show Saturday night. It's supposed to take place "rain or shine" so we drove down to Keene, NH through severe downpours. If it was still pouring when we got there, were would just sit in the car for the display. Well... we got there and it was still pouring. There was a sign hanging on the gate that said the show was postponed until the next day. They sent out an email literally two minutes after we left the house saying that they show was postponed. We wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday, so I emailed asking for a refund.

We stopped at a BBQ joint on the way home for some awesome smoked wings and ribs- so the evening wasn't a complete loss.

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