[travel] New experiences

After work, co-worker and I walked some of the side streets near our hotel:

Side Street

We found a place that served beer and weird little snacks:


Then we found a small little place and I ordered bibimbap:


Some of these smaller eateries appear to be attached to where the people running the place live. As we were waiting at one of the four tables, a door next to the kitchen slid open and a sleepy girl came out and slipped on shoes to help her mother.

I pointed to "Where is the toilet?" written in Korean from my travel guide and the girl pointed through a side door and down a hallway. I wish I could have taken a picture of the toilet because it was unlike anything I have experienced. It was a porcelain oblong hole in the tile floor. It took a little finagling to figure out how to squat without peeing all over myself but I worked it out. I tugged the chain and it flushed. Easy.

I came back out and told my co-worker he had to check it out but he travels a lot all over the pacific and said he and already experienced peeing into a hole in the floor. He asked me, "Were you pointing the right way?" and I said, "Yeah, I could tell mid-way through that there is a definite right and wrong way to be pointing, but I was okay. I was doing it right." Whew.

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kaszeta said...

Congratulations, you've experienced the asian variant of the "Turkish Toilet" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_toilet)