[knitting] Travel Knitting

Before leaving home for this trip, I had to decide what knitting projects to bring. After gathering everything together, I realized that it would take me six months to do it all. I wanted to bring small-ish projects and finally ended up with:

Turkish Pattern Hat

I started this Turkish Patterned Cap (From Charlene Schurch's Hat's On) a couple weeks ago and stopped at this point. The yarn is Northampton from Valley yarn (really nice!). I need to finish the color-work and knit a black liner. This hat will be WARM.

I cast on for three toe-up socks at home:

Happy Feet

This purpley yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet. I am using a 4-stitch pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks for the top of the foot and around the leg.

Dark Forest Socks

This green yarn is OnLine Supersocke 100. Not sure what kind of pattern I will do for the foot and leg.

Started the following at home and made it this far knitting on a bus to Boston, waiting at the airport, on a plane to Denver, waiting at the airport and on a plane to Anchorage.

Fruity Socks

The color changes kept the simple stockinette stitching interesting but I'm not sure I dig the colors. Anyway, this is my first toe-up, short-row heel sock. The heel needs a little tweaking for the next pairs I make but I tried it on and it fits.

And I started a lace scarf using the pattern from the Kimono Shawl in Folk Shawls. To make it scarf-sized, I am doing seven pattern repeats instead of ten. The yarn is Alpaca With a Twist Fino.

Kimono Shawl

I hope I can finish it all (Bah HAHHAhh HHAH hAHHHA!) by the time I return home.

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