[knitting] Scalloped Table Runner

I brought my table-runner-in-progress to knitting group last week and everyone there liked it, so I'm going to finish it and make it a free pattern to download.

Scalloped table runner

I'm still worried about the "granny-ness" of it and thought that maybe a different color would fix the problem. But the whole idea of this table runner was to make a project to use up my 1 lb cone of cotton in Ecru. I pondered the idea of skeining the cone and dying it.

Saturday I happened to be in Rutland and went to Michael's. I browsed the yarn, not really needing anything. Then I saw it: gigantic, dinosaur egg sized balls of cotton in different colors. I can't even find this yarn online to link to, but here's a picture of the new table runner I've stared in a "custard creme" colorway:

Scalloped Table Runner

That's a fairly washed out picture, but I wanted to show you the name of the yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream Confectionary Colors. Here's a more accurate representation of the color:

Scalloped Table Runner

Does that look too mustardy? Is a pretty maize color, I promise.

Scalloped Table Runner

14 oz of yarn. I also got a sage green ball. If you go to Rutland, go to Michael's for this yarn. There are lots of different colors. Retail at the store was $7.99 per ball.

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Anonymous said...

I love it and have the perfect place for one so hurry up and finish it!

I don't think the yellow looks to mustardy nor do I think it's looks "grandma" :)