[knitting] I have been knitting a lot

I finished all the pieces to Starsky. All that's left is to block the back and fronts, join the shoulders, knit the collar, block the arms, and then seam everything together. So it appears I've still got my work cut out for me but it's nice to be so to the finish line. I'm off to Webs this Saturday with my sister for a blocking board.

See more Starskys (Starskies?) here. I'm not doing the belt. I'll find some other way to create closure.

In the meantime, I've started Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. See lots of Lady Eleanors here and here. I'm using Noro Kureyon #139 and I love the rich jewel colors. I can't stop knitting on this: I started Saturday and I'm already 40% done.

After so many small-ish projects, I'm finding these larger projects more satisfying. Plus, they're eating up major amounts of yarn from my stash. I think my next project might be Rogue.

And then? Mittens. And then? Tams. And then? And then I'll have to re-inventory my stash.


Shelby said...

rock on with your bad entrelac self!

Joan said...

Amy, I hosted a Lady Eleanor KAL earlier this year. I used Noro and it came out great. Can't wait to whip it out in October here in VT. I am now knitting a triangular entrelac shawl.
Good luck with Lady E!