[knitting] Block Party

There was a message from Webs on the answering machine when I got home from work Friday. They got the blocking boards and they're holding one for me. !!!!!!!!! It was a quiet night with me binding off Lady Eleanor while Dollar and my sister's boyfriend continued their epic Axis & Allies game.

Saturday morning I got up and decided to go to Webs. Crazy, I know, to drive two hours alone (the trip was too short notice to get my sister to come along) for just one thing but... It had to be done. Plus, I had just picked up The Chemical Brothers' We Are The Night and The Crystal Method's Drive, so I had lots of music to familiarize myself with.

The trip down was easy. Inside Webs, I spent about an hour with all the tubes of buttons there, trying to find something that would work with the Starsky cardigan. After lots of "too big" "too heavy" "too gray", I settled on toggles. Ceramic, horn-shaped, wood-looking toggles. Yea! I grabbed three. Then I looked at the price. $7. SEVEN DOLLARS EACH. I'm not spending $21 on three buttons! Shit. No wonder there were so many left in the tube. After more searching, I settled on four textured buttony-looking buttons for $0.75 each.

That night, I tidied up my chaotic craft room (a little) and set to blocking the back and fronts of Starsky. The blocking board is wonderful, all those lines and numbers lead to very EXACT shaping.

Sunday, I wove in all the ends to Lady Eleanor (not as bad as I thought it would be) and blocked her on the floor (on bath towels) next to Starsky. Here it is in all it's colorful glory (with some color-select pictures):


Erin said...

I'm so tempted to get a blocking board what with all the lace I've been knitting lately!

Julia said...

Holy cow, that Starsky looks gorgeous - hurry up and seam it up! I made my own blocking board, but I understood your frustration at not finding them easily. I didn't like the price when I did find them. The Lady looks pretty nice too. Isn't blocking fun?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Both are fabulous! I need to get a blocking board...hmmm, WEBS will be on my way to and from NJ.... wonder if I can convince the kids we NNNEEEDDD to stop :)

Anonymous said...

It's crazy how expensive some buttons are. I love the sweater you have blocking. It's beautiful!