[knitting] No Blocking Board

The trip to Webs on Saturday was a bust. At the check-out register I asked for a large blocking board and the woman said, "Where all sold out of those!" in a Isn't that totally GREAT?! manner. I stood there, not knowing what to say while she grinned and continued, "As soon as Knitting Daily did their post on blocking boards, we sold out! The same day, I think!" Grin, grin, grin.

Great. So, le sigh, I signed my name to order a blocking board. I asked when they might be getting the new blocking boards in, and she said a couple weeks. So it looks like I'll be making another trip down to Northampton, MA in a couple weeks. While I was there, I got enough Skye Tweed in Loch Ness Teal to make a future sweater for Dollar and my sister got some Rowan Handknit Cotton in pink to make an Elizabeth Zimmerman February Sweater for a friend's baby girl.

We then went to a Korean restaurant for lunch (Kimchi Jigae!) and got some supplies from the food store next door- bulgogi marinade, noodles, frozen mandu, etc.

I was so dejected over the blocking board (and concerned over the frozen goods in the back seat) and we decided to drive directly home and not pass through Springfield to check out the Simpsons premier.

Sunday was a very fine day. We watched a movie, I went grocery shopping, vacuumed the house, made a nice salad for supper (topped with thinly sliced rare steak) and knit more and more of Lady Eleanor. I'm 75% done!

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