[games] Axis & Allies

Dollar and I have an ongoing game taking up the entire dining room table: Axis & Allies. We're new to the game and still sorting out all the rules, so it takes us an hour to get through one round of turns. That's right, an hour. We've only made it through two rounds- we've been playing an hour here, an hour there.

Dollar is playing for Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. I'm playing for Germany and Japan. So far, Russia has been making a big push into Eastern Europe while my secret German subs are going all over the oceans, conducting lethal attacks.

Most of my downtime during the game is spent either taking cheap pot-shots at my enemies ("Come on United States. Why don't you all put down your collective Big Macs and get into the fight already.") or playing with the pieces. I especially like to grab the U.S. Bomber (my favorite large plane in the game) and fly it over the game board while mimicking airplane sounds ("Nnnyyyeerr...Nnnyyyerrr...") and bombing sounds ("duhduhduhduh...duhduhduhduh..."). Sure I'm behaving like an eight-year-old boy but the pieces are begging to be played with in such a manner.

The most difficult part for me is trying to conduct so many battles over so many areas, all at once. I'm used to Memoir '44, where each game is one battle. Axis & Allies is like trying to juggle 50 Memoir '44 games at once. The think A&A is going to be a game we only pull out to play a few times per year. I'd like to try playing it with 5 people, where everyone takes a different country.

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