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Went and saw Ratatouille Friday night. I was so excited about the movie that I forced Dollar to come see it with me on opening night. It was so funny. I loved all the food and cooking! I would totally go see it again, since I missed some of the jokes because of the audience's ceaseless guffawing.

Summer's bounty is here and I've been cooking like mad- just to store and freeze stuff. The herbs are out of control and I've made the following herb butters (1 stick of soft butter mixed with 1/4 cup of minced herb):

- Sage & Thyme
- Thyme & Oregano & Savory(?)
- Cilantro & Lime
- Garlic & Chive

All went into the freezer, except for the Garlic & Chive (a little of which was used last night on baked potatoes). It was the Sage that got me started on the herb butter kick- I had so much that I didn't know what to do with it all. I read that Sage is best used with fatty meats, since it aids in the digestion of grease. The Cilantro butter was necessary because my plants were starting to get over-grown and go to seed. I cut back the plants so much that they look like bamboo shoots now. Hahahaha.

I went to the market on Saturday and spent -$0.31 on groceries. As in, I brought back 16 milk bottles ($16.00 worth), got $15.69 worth of vegetables and the clerk handed me thirty-one cents. I wish every shopping experience was like that. I got some basil and made some pesto (adding in some of my own mini-leaf basil). All of the pesto went into the freezer.

Saturday my sister and I went strawberry picking and made 8 half-pints of strawberry jam. I was exhausted by the time we finished. It was a full day of picking, washing, hulling, slicing, stirring, ladling, wiping, boiling, washing. Ugh. Sunday morning I got up, made scones and popped open a jar. I brought it all upstairs (with coffee) for breakfast in bed. The jam is awesome. Really sweet (but what did I expect after mixing four cups of crushed strawberries with seven cups of sugar) and the strawberry flavor is strong. I'm convinced this is because the strawberries were only off the vine for three hours before they were preserved. The only disappointing part of the jam-making experience was seeing all the berry bits float up to the top half of the jars. Was the berry mixture too hot when we packed them? Was it too runny? I stirred the fruit down in the jar that I popped open Sunday morning, so the jam would be uniformly chunky. I think that's going to be the mode of operation for the rest (I plan on hiding the remaining jars in the basement until the dead of winter, when I really want a sweet taste of summer).

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Joan said...

Amy, I go the Farmer's Market on Saturdays and buy my local jam. LOL. Every year, I swear I am going to make my own for the winter but never get around to it.
Good for you!

Lovin' our VT weather lately!