[vermont] VT Blogger Collage

Bill @ Candleblog posts a collage. Can you find me? I wasn't able to follow his directions too well. He wanted an original picture and I sent him a couple old ones. Then I took a brand-new one but then he said he wanted some kind of Candleblog reference in the show. Or something. So I was all like, "Fuckit". At any rate, the picture he used of me is way better than the new one I took, in which I had just rolled out of bed and look like this.

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Bill said...

The Candleblog reference was only a suggestion, not a rule. Anyway you weren't the only one who sent in a not-so-brand-new photo and I got tired of asking people for more pictures--I felt like I was nagging. So I went with what I had and I'm pretty happy with it actually, though I wish more people had participated.