[uvBookClub] Drop City

We had our first discussion last night. It could have gone better, because...

Charlotte: Finished the book.
E!: Finished the book.

Tyler: Didn't finish.
Angela: Didn't finish.
Ken: Didn't finish.
Amy: Didn't even come close to finishing.

So when people started bring up Alaska and everything that went on up there, I had to smile and nod politely before excusing myself to check on supper. The whole uvBookClub is just a front for me to have people over and cook for them. What did I cook? Couscous stuffed peppers. Which came out great. And a tri-color bell pepper salad. The Baked Pork Spring Rolls weren't a big hit with me. The recipe called for "spring roll wrappers" and I got the clear ones that need to be soaked in water in order to become maliable. Well, that was a big mistake. I should have gotten the eggroll or wonton wrappers. These clear ones, once baked up, turned into plastic. And some of them ripped when I tried turning them over. When Ken arrived, I had him peek into the oven and after seeing a couple rolls that looked as though they had violently exploded, he quietly closed the oven door and said, "Okay that doesn't look too good." And then, get this, he asks me whether or not I should take them out and re-roll the little fuckers. I don't think so! Shit, you bitches are going to have to eat what I put on the goddamn table!

But the dinner went smoothly. I like having a full table of people sitting around, eating and talking. And, since all good meals lead to conversations about either death or sex, which do you think we ended up talking about?

In a very hap-hazard, random way, we chose "that new book" by Michael Cunningham as the next selection. Seriously, this is how we choose the book:

CHARLOTTE: I heard the guy who wrote The Hours has a new book out. It sounds pretty good.

E!: Should we just read that for our next discussion?


TYLER: Wait, what are we reading?

AMY: Apparently we don't know the title. But... everyone agrees, so...

And in the end, after everyone else had left, I had the following conversation with Ken-

KEN: I hope I can finish this book in time finish the next one.

AMY: What?

KEN: I want to finish Drop City.

AMY: ... AHH HAHAHAHA-What the fuck for? We had the discussion, Ken. You don't EVER have to finish the book now.

KEN: Don't say that!

AMY: Whatever. I'm not going to finish the book.

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