[amy] I'm back

I'm back from Minneapolis. The conference was interesting and fun. It's nice to get away and travel.

I started and finished the hat that I said I might do. It's a simple stockinette hat with a rolled brim (brim = orange, rest of hat = dark, heathered gray) and everyone seems pretty impressed by it. But that's because they don't understand knitting. I've made a lattice stole, lace scarves and shrugs, a sweater, etc, but a stupid stockinette hat makes people go "Oooo, ahhh, wow, that's so amazing." Whatever.

As for the thong... well... I started it but I think it looks a little weird. And why wouldn't it, really. It's a knit thong for a man. Of course it looks weird. I'll try to finish it but I'm not too inspired. And when people see it, they'll say, "Wow, that looks... uncomfortable".

Gatsu won his heat but now it's on for the semi-finals. PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM!

I also finished watching Season 3 of Six Feet Under, which I think was by far the best season ever. Now I understand what critics mean when they say character development and aren't being pretentious. Everything going on with the characters (losing love, struggling to keep love, breaking up, reunions) is so impressive in the way that the show is executed. Season 4 comes out in August. I've been trying to get Season 5 of the Sopranos since it came out but the waiting list keeps screwing me over. I think I've got The L Word on it's way next...

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Secret Stalker said...

Season four is out in August? You mean they are not going to keep us hanging for over a year? Thanks for the heads up.

I am going to the post office today or tomorrow to send something your way.