[amy] That was fast.

It was a nice, quiet weekend. I got a lot of knitting done and watched a lot of Season 3 of The Shield. This show is so good but you really need to watch an episode at least two times to get everything. I like watching the episodes with the cast and crew commentary on. You can learn all kinds of interesting shit. Example: The woman playing Vic's wife, Cathy Cahlin Ryan, is actually the real-life wife of the show's creator: Shawn Ryan. And the girl playing Vic's daughter is Michael Chikilis' daughter in real life. And Kenny Johnson, aka Lemonhead, is originally from (get this) VERMONT and was at one point ranked #2 in the world in his weight class for arm wrestling. Can you believe it? Vermont.

The bias shrug is coming along. In fact, it's coming along so well that I'm wearing it right now. It's done. I'll try to get an "action" shot or whatever, but you're going to have to trust me. Here are some progress pictures...


What a nice pattern it is. I made about a dozen mistakes but you can't tell because the lace hides them all. BAH hahahahah!! But this shrug really showed me why I like knitting: here is a plain old stupid ball of yarn and with two sticks, you can make something really pretty to wear out of it. That's so cool to me. And this shrug was something I made out of left-over yarn (from the Christmas poncho I made for Barbara). So I didn't have to spend anything extra to make it. And it only took a week to make. All in all, this was an awesome project.

I also starting taking some picture's of my sister's cats, Gatsu and Griffith...


What else did I do this past weekend besides knit? Friday night I played a little Halo 2 up at my sister's. I hadn't played in quite a while and was slightly worried about being slaughtered. I kept repeating, "What are the controls? I forget. I don't think I'm going to do very well..." But once the game started, it all came back to me. Ahhh, sweet Halo I've missed you.

Saturday night I played a little Heroscape with my sister's boyfriend and a few other people. It was alright but I was ready to quit the game 15-minutes into it. So what's the safest way to quit? Commit suicide with your character. I was playing with Mimring (I know, I'm so embarrassed) and basically ran up to opponents and sat there until they killed me. As soon as I died, I stood up and said, "Well, that was fun. ... Er, bye. I'm going back down to my place." I think they all thought I was pissy but the fact is that I didn't want to lose four hours of my life to this game.

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