[amy] Attack of the crappy movie.

Ho-lee crap. I'm having the best time of my LIFE. The Henry Rollins/NYC weekend was awesome. It completely blew my mind. This past weekend, Adam, Gordon and Dollar's House Your Rager blew my mind. I had such a good time (though you might not be able to tell it from the bleary-eyed pictures of me).

Big up to the guys for hosting the party and allowing a couple hundred people to filter through their home. Thanks for Ken going all the way up to Burlington for the ice luge. Thanks to everyone who complimented me on the Henry/NYC movie we premiered...

About the movie. We were meant to bring a cable to connect my laptop to the projector. I couldn't find mine and was going to borrow Ram or Ken's. I went over there and, of course, we left for the party without the cable. At the Rager, around 10pm, I finally realize we'd forgotten it. Talk about melt-down. I was completely freaking out. Ram and Adam were level-headed, saying things like, "We'll save it, convert it, import it, blah blah blah." I'm like, "No, man. Seriously, we'll drive back to Ken and Ram's, get the cable and come back." Which is what I think we should have done. Instead, we put a on Adam's laptop (which couldn't apparently do full screen) and it was totally crappy. The music was okay (except for a song that was mysteriously missing from the end) but the audio from the video snippets was horrendous. And the video deteriorated in the compression as well. People's faces were melting! I didn't intend for it to be a horror movie! This is my Oscar-worthy documentary! Completely fucked up!

I should preempt this by say that before we premiered the movie, Ken gathered most people and gave a little speech about the it. I wasn't really hearing what he was saying, but I get the feeling it was along the lines of, "Okay, Amy made this movie. She's slightly retarded and worked REALLY hard on it so if you see her around afterwards, it would be nice of you to tell her that you liked it." We showed the movie, I hated it for the reasons listed above, but so many people came up to me afterwards and said they liked it. What did I use to make it? It was really good. Etc. So inevitably I became suspicious. Didn't they see how shitty it was? Man, if I had played them the real thing... Everyone would have lost their minds.

Everyone at the party was cool. Thanks to everyone who said, "Your sweater looks comfy," only to have me go, "It's a poncho. And thank you. I knit it."

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