[knitting] A year of handknit baby items...

Last Sunday morning after I cast off both striped Coffee Bean sweaters and sewed in all the ends, I picked up all the baby sweaters and brought them to my craft room desk. I dumped out all my buttons and started pawing through them...

I've been procrastinating sewing buttons on baby sweaters by knitting more baby sweaters. So many buttons to sew now! 😅

I finally settled on:

Final button choices. Make it work. #knitting #buttons

The crazy sweater got small mis-matched buttons:

This sweater is getting mismatched buttons.

All the finished sweaters, which I brought to my sister's yesterday:

Done. ✅✅✅✅✅✅

She had all the handknits that I've made over the last year for my niece laid out:

My sister laid out all the handmade things I've made for my niece. ❤️💛💚💙💜 Still so much I want to make...

So much made! So much more I want to make!

We distracted the little one with a video of herself, so I could snap a picture of her in one of the cardigans:

Distracting Ripley with a video so I can take a pic of her wearing one of the sweaters. 💜💚💛💙💖❤️


This was the state of my table at the end of the couch after working on so many projects:

My end table after working on a dozen projects. Time to organize and pick a new dozen.

Time to organize, put everything away... and start a bunch of new projects.


Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! That's one lucky child! All of the hand-knits are lovely!

cristina said...

ooooh, how sweet little pieces! and the little one - such a darling!