[cooking] Pi Day Quiche

3/14 was an epic snowday. Figures we get the blizzard of the year in mid-March. Since I was working from home, I was able to make a savory quiche for Pi(e) Day:

Pi Day ham and onion quiche. #piday #snowday

I recently used a 40% off coupon at Michael's to get a tin of alphabet cookie cutters. I adore jojoromancer's instagram (#piegoals) and all the words she includes in her designs. 

A lot of good the stupid alphabet does me when I want to put 3.141592653589793238462643... around the outside. Argh! I never have the things I need when I need them! Why don't I have numeral cookie cutters?! I had to make do with a pi symbol and PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI around the outside. 

After baking:

Pi day quiche. 🐖 #piday

Just a simple cheese, ham and onion quiche. I make an all-butter double crust from King Arthur Flour's Baker's Companion cookbook. I roll half out and place it into the tart pan and refrigerate it. I layer the bottom with slices of Cabot sharp cheese. I get ham-ends from the Co-op (so cheap!) and chop it into chunks. Then thinly slice half of a small vidalia onion. I mix 4 medium eggs with 1 cup milk and pour over everything. Bake at 350 for 50 min.

The other half of the double-crust is still in the fridge. I think I'm going to make cute little blueberry tarts with that later in the week.

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