[knitting] Crazy sweater

I finally finished up a pile of baby cardigans for my niece this past weekend- sewing buttons on them and everything (just like proper sweaters have!). I wrapped up this interesting little number:

Eyelet yoke cardigan (sans eyelet yoke)

I was on an eyelet yoke cardigan kick after the first two I made came out so cute. Then I pulled out some colorful yarn and did the same pattern but with no eyelets. My main beef with the finished sweater is that the colors don't line up in the front. Doubling-down on on the lack of symmetry, I opted for small, mis-matched buttons from my button stash (hey- at least this used up some lone buttons!).

One thing to note is that it's short sleeved. Ran out of yarn. Can't remember the yarn name off the top of my head- I bought two balls at Country Woolens before it closed this winter. 

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Ellen Bloom said...

I don't mind that the stripes don't match up on the front of this adorable cardigan! I think it's kicky and cute! Perfect for a child. Job well done!