[knitting] Vintage Tools

My grandmother has been giving me lots of her old knitting/crafts stuff- tools, old patterns, unfinished projects. It's all been interesting to go through. If I ever want to take up stenciling, I've got a ton of patterns to choose from now. I haven't taken the time to research some of the more unfamiliar tools. Right now, I'm just sorting and organizing.

Vintage Knitting Tools and Notions

Vintage Knitting Tools and Notions

Vintage Knitting Tools and Notions

This was tucked into one of the knitting books, as a bookmarker:

Found this tucked away in a knitting pamphlet.

Eeeee! When the state abbreviations were new! I looked it up- it's from 1963! My grandmother probably kept it for reference.

There are a couple unfinished sweaters that she gave me. One with a missing sleeve and no yarn to make another sleeve so... I don't know what I'm going to do about that.

Then there's this mask:

Among a bunch of unfinished projects that my grandmother gave me is this. I think I'll seam the back shut, add some embroidery and call it my #waqollo mask. To wear when I'm rioting.

Literally, WTF. It's quite nice and tidy work- all that remains is to sew the back shut (looks like my grandmother hated sewing as much as me!), it's just so... funny. 

My grandmother has given me lots of her oooold recipes as well, which I want to start trying. I would love to start posting all this vintage stuff. Maybe to a new blog or maybe here under a new tag. 

TGIF. Work is about to get crazy busy so I'm going to try to relaaaax this weekend. 


Ellen Bloom said...

The mask is called a BALACLAVA. It's a ski mask. I've seen some rather frightening ones. This one is minimal and very cool! Finish it!

Lilith Parker said...

Ooh, I love nylon needles! Next to wood, they're my favorite to work with.