[knitting] The Newbury

After seeing a very famous person in a knit cowl/hood combo, I asked for help identifying the pattern on Ravelry and someone (of course) found it: The Newbury. I was so happy to see it offered as a knitting pattern. I found the project page on Rav and ordered some yarn. It was a quick knit- I made most of it during one movie.

Newbury cowl

I knit the pattern as written, except for the part that used US 17 needles. I don't have any US 17 and I didn't feel obligated to go out and get some since that was the first time in all my years knitting that I've ever done a pattern that called for that size.


The wrapped-stitch pattern around the edges is a little "hole-y", so when I have the cowl up around my mouth, wind still shoots through the gaps in the stitches. I would make this pattern again but not use a lace pattern for the borders.


The yarn is GGH Husky from Love Knitting. This was the first time I ordered from them and I definitely would again. Here's what I got:

Love Knitting delivery

The yarn was in a large drawstring organza bag (TOTALLY reusable as a project bag- awesome!) and a little catalog booklet with free patterns. One of the free patterns is for a lavender sachet doll. I grow lavender and just started collecting/drying it last year- you can see all my little lavender sachets on the right. So I think little lavender sachet dolls for drawers might be my go-to gift for the holidays this year.

Plus, this yarn is ~$4 per ball. I used 4 balls making this cowl/hood, which bring the cost of materials to $16. Just talking about it makes me want to order more yarn and make a couple more of these. This project is near instant gratification.

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