[gardening] Yellow and purple blooms

Last fall a coworker gave me a plastic shopping bag with iris rhizomes. I didn't plant them right away and before I knew it, the ground was frozen. They spent the winter in the garage. I never thought I'd be thankful for what a frigid winter we had but I think the super-cold weather helped preserve the bulbs. I found them this spring- they didn't feel soft so I put them into the ground. Lo and behold- they're all growing and a few are starting to bloom now:

Maybe a little late for irises but I didn't get them into the ground until this spring. 💛

I think next year they'll probably bloom earlier than this.

Some hostas are blooming:

First #hosta to bloom.

Yellow loosestrife that I picked up this spring at the Hanover Garden Club sale is blooming in a part-shade location under an apple tree:

Yellow Loosestrife

And the Veronica Speedwell - Royal Candles that I divided this spring are doing well:

Veronica Speedwell - Royal Candles

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