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Added many new things this weekend while only spending $22. I had an ancient gift card for Lowes and had to drive to Tilton, NH to visit one. We used to have one much closer but it closed years ago. That's how old the gift card was. But, I was able to get all kinds of new perennials there. That tall purple one on the right is Penstemon Prairie Twilight:

Front bed

The intention is to mask the gaping hydrangea hole. There isn't a lot of room for it to expand but I'm completely cutting the hydrangeas and spirea to the ground next spring. In the top right, shasta daisies are going to bloom soon. Coneflower and orange butterfly weed are there as well- should get my first butterfly weed blooms this year. I divided up two Veronica speedwell plants this spring into 8 or 10 much smaller pieces and placed them along the front of the border. I was worried that I would have no blooms this year but some little buds are appearing!

The back yard:

Back yard flower beds.

Top tier has some chinese lantern in containers, begonias, asiatic lilies, feverfew, catnip, herbs, some mystery plant no one can help me identify and I'm just going to wait for it to flower, and I added a dwarf lilac and silver mound. Lower tier has all kinds of room and I'm just adding stuff like crazy- sea holly, buddleia 'black knight', bee balm, gaudi red gaura, sneezeweed, maltese cross, queen of the prairie, some yellow thing whose name I can't remember. Many plants I get from friends/family or local plant sales or from box stores when they're marked down to $1 or $3. 

I added some Takion Blue bellflower:

Added a bit of #campanula takion blue. #bellflower

This should last a long time as long as I keep deadheading throughout the summer.

And Rising Sun coreopsis:

Coreopsis - Rising sun.

This should stay tidy and compact. I have another coreopsis in the front that just has a mind of it's own. I put it in last year and this year is more than twice the size.

I managed to hit a local plant sale at the tale end of the sale, when everything was half off. I said I would buy some soloman's seal and they were like, "Here, take it all." They gave me all the pots of it. I'm pretty sure I'll visit this plant sale at same time every year and just take the leftovers on the cheap!

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