[gardening] The 10th Bed

The most recent flower bed I've made:

New flower bed. Expanded a spot of Siberian irises. Added a pretty peach daylily, globe thistle, peony,  bee balm, yellow loosestrife. This makes 10 beds to maintain. 😰

That makes 10 flower beds. Front front to back: siberian irises on the left, peach daylilies on the right, globe thistle, peony, bee balm, yellow loosestrife.

Previously this spot just was just a small area for siberian irises that I dug up around our mailbox and transplanted in the fall of 2013. On June 14 of last year, this was the show of flowers I got:

Only bloom from Siberian Irises. Must have divided them too aggressively last year.


On May 30 of this year, it looks like:

Siberian #irises opened today. MUCH better than the one flower I got last year after transplanting them to this location. 💜

Yaaay- so many blooming, so many more will bloom. The globe thistle and day lilies are behind irises from this angle but they should be taller than the green stuff by the time they bloom.

The peony I added has bloomed:

Picked a spot for this #peony where it can live a hundred years.  #karlrosenfield

I picked up this peony at Home Depot, so it's pretty far along. I'm sure it will naturally bloom much later next year.

We're getting rain, rain, rain for the next few days- which is great. We need it and I've put lots of new plants. Last week I was on vacation at home. I mulched and mulched the flower beds. I cleared nearly all of the weed growth from the vegetable garden. It was a nice, relaxing week.

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