[gardening] Flowers and woodchucks

Lots of blooms around the garden:

Yellow flowers in bloom. Clockwise from top left: yellow #loosestrife, #coreopsis rising sun, stella d'oro #daylily, achillea #yarrow.

Clockwise from top left: yellow loosestife, coreposis "rising sun", stella d'oro daylily, achillea yarrow.

A have a couple healthy patches of perennial Geranium sanguineum "Bloody cranesbill" growing from a few small divisions that my mother gave me last year. 

Geranium sanguineum, aka Bloody Cranesbill. Low-growing ground cover. Got a bit from my mom last year and it just took off. Blooms are so pink.

My Green Wizard rudbeckia (I've been mistakenly thinking that it was an echinacea) is blooming, though it's hard to tell when green flowers are blooming:

Green Wizard #echinacea. I love green flowers so much. 💚

I bought five discount begonias from Home Depot for $1 each a while ago. I put them in the back yard, in a part-shade spot. I thought they'd be okay here and while they are blooming, the foliage won't stop turning brown and crispy.


Perhaps the drainage is not good enough here.

I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for my daisies to open. They are close but... then I remembered that I planted a colder-weather cultivar that blooms from mid-summer through fall. So, I will happily wait if they're going to be such long bloomers.

Lastly, some other plants in various beds:

Some more things around the garden. From top left: echinacea, cilantro, lupine, parsley. Can't tell what's what? [Sam Kinison voice] THAT'S BECAUSE THE WOODCHUCKS ATE THEM ALL! AAAGGGHHHHH!!! 🐻🔫

I walk around the flowers beds every day after work and imagine my horror when I open the back door and see a woodchuck scampering away into the rock wall. Echinacea- gone. Parsley- gone. Cilantro- gone. Lupine- gone. Hollyhocks- gone. UGH. There are at least three woodchucks- a mom and two cubs. They had been keeping to the rock piles on the lower lawns- not bothering my plants since early, early spring. They've nibbled down the new growth on several other perennials that I've added this year- which makes me worried about any new growth that comes up next year. Time to start shoveling used kitty litter into the rock walls. 

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