[cooking] Ramp Season

I've been checking a small area in front of the house, near a brook, where I found wild leeks last year. I found some!


I only took the leaves because the bulbs are too hard to take and if I leave the bulbs, they'll keep coming back.

So now that I know ramps are up, my sister and I are going to head up into the hills around the house where my neighbor told me last year there is a big ol' patch of them. I actually found a lot last year at a park next to the White River, but that entire area is covered with a solid layer of silt now, thanks to Hurricane Irene. :(


I used these ramps last night for supper. I simply rinsed and minced them like parsley, and sprinkled over homemade spaghetti and tomato sauce. Last night was the first time I've ever made homemade pasta and it was... a learning experience. The kitchen looks like I was trying to make the pasta blindfolded and I knew it can be easier/faster than how I made it. Having said that, my spaghetti (which really looked more like spaetzle) tasted awesome. 


Sara said...

I've never tried ramps - i thought it was the bulb - and not the leaves - but, that just shows you how little I know...

Do they taste like onion or garlic???

amy said...

A little bit like both!