[crochet] Curtain

I started a filet crochet curtain: 

Filet Crochet Curtain

This is just one, wide panel that I will hang from a tension rod in the laundry room window. This is the first time I've crocheted in a filet crochet style and I like it. Mindless and easy. Except for when you're not paying attention to what you're doing and you realize that you'd made a pretty obvious mistake and you need to rip back two rows, which is approximately 1 hour of work. 


Pet (petpisces) said...

I really like the filet! I haven't tried it though. That should make a lovely curtain!!

gayle said...

At least ripping back crochet is easier than ripping back knitting... You don't have to worry about picking up all those stitches again.
It's going to be beautiful!