[misc] Murderface Monday

Hope everyone had a good weekend. My sister and I went to the Wild & Woolly Festival in Proctorsville, VT on Saturday. It was a good little festival, with many nice vendors. I bought some new spinning fiber and I was so pleased to see that Harrisville Designs brought Brooklyn Tweed yarns- I picked up two skeins of Loft and one of Shelter. I'm so happy- I've wanted to get my hands on this stuff since it came out.



Sunday I went to a baby shower. I was in charge of games/prizes. I did the poopy-diaper game: melt various candy bars inside diapers, then pass them around and guess the candy bar. This game is hilarious... to me. I think some people were put off looking at the diapers and seeing something that resembles poop... but that's funny. Poop is funny. I have a picture of the poopy diapers and I feel like I must refrain from posting it to Flickr and here because I don't want to make anyone barf on their keyboards... but I think barfing is funny, too, so... I just have a toilet sense of humor I guess.



My Holy Hand Grenade is nearing completion (finally!). Only the pin remains.

A couple weekends ago Penny was hanging out with Dollar in the Man Cave (the loft above the garage) and tried to eat a wasp. She must have been stung because we noticed that her right cheek was swollen:

Penny :(

Poor PenPen :( But the swelling was gone by that evening and she was back to her adorable self:


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gayle said...

I hope Penny put wasps on the "Don't Eat That" list...