[embroidery] Organization

I saw some pictures on Pinterest (love Pinterest!) from someone who had organized her floss into boxes, by color, onto bobbins. It was so pretty. Here's what my stash of embroidery floss looked like:

Messy floss


I found an organizer at Michaels. It comes with 50 bobbins and it only cost something insane, like $2.79. I spent Saturday morning winding, winding, winding the floss. I thought "This isn't going to take long." 4 hours later, I thought, "WTF, why did this take so long?" I don't know, but it's easy to do while catching up on episodes of The Colbert Report on Hulu. Here's my finished FlossBox:

Organized floss

Pretty! Now I can easily pick and choose colors for embroidery and cross-stitch.

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gayle said...

But you need more purples. (Or maybe that's just me...)