[misc] Murderface Monday

Sunday Night Murderface

Murderface was a little under the weather last week. Dollar came home early from work one day and said MF visited the litterbox 4 times in the span of an hour. Then MF was laying on the bed, all sad and depressed. I'm not sure what the stomach problem was, but he wasn't feeling good. His appetite was fine and he was drinking enough water. Just a 24 hour stomach bug or something be/c he was all better the next day.

Poor little guy. I had him on my lap night.`

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biologie. said...

Hi! I love Murderface's face.

Also, thanks for tracking me down on my blog to help me with those sushi crochet directions - I'm so glad you got back to me and really appreciate you taking the time-out to explain because I was completely lost, lol.

Take Care!