[knitting] Undergrowths

I don't do enough stranded colorwork and I don't know why. It's fun to work with two colors at the same time and as long as I pick a chart that's easy to memorize, it's really quite relaxing.

Undergrowth 1

Pattern: Undergrowth

Yarn: Reynolds Whiskey. Used just over half of a ball of brown and just under half of a ball of pink/purple. You can make two of these hats of you switched main and contrast colors. Which sounds like a good project for a set of twins.

Needles: US 4

Notes: I accidentally repeated rows 18 - 23. I printed the chart out in landscape on my printer and was too lazy to re-print it so that the chart was all one one page. So once I got to the easy, mindless middle part, I didn't notice that I was meant to start the leaf tips for the crown (because only the first row of the tip was on the page I was looking at- the rest of the crown was on the back). So I just made the middle part longer.

Seriously, though, the hat is too long for me. I need to find someone with a tall head who wants this.

The double braids at the bottom were a little tedious to make but so worth the effort. It's a pretty, decorative edge that is nice and stretchy- and it doesn't roll!

The Whiskey was a nice yarn to use for this- bouncy, elastic and it blocked into a nice, smooth fabric.

Still, I wanted to make one that would fit me and show a bit more contrast. After using my yarn scale to weigh balls of yarn, writing down weights and yardages, cross multiplying, stash diving and just generally geeking out for way too long, I settled on two balls of Frog Tree Alpaca sport that had (up until this point) no purpose in life:

Undergrowth 2

The stitch definition isn't as crisp as the first hat, because I'm using 100% alpaca instead of wool, but it's oh so soft and oh so pretty. A keeper, for sure.


Sara said...

they are both beautiful. I haven't done any stranded work in years...I think I'll try some this year...

gayle said...

That hat was one that I'd skipped over when I first saw it at Knitty, but as I see people knitting it, I've found it's growing on me. Though I think I would offset the upper leaves so the central diamond portion is more of a zigzag.
Love both of yours. You always make me want to drop everything and knit whatever you've just made... 8)