[crochet] Sushi

I recently learned at a family dinner that Dollar's niece, who wasn't even three-years-old yet, likes sushi. I wanted to craft her some and I've been interested in amigurumi style crochet for a while. I ordered a slew of books from Amazon, one of which was Yummi 'Gurumi. I made these adorable little crocheted pieces of sushi:

Crochet Sushi

The egg nigiri with the seaweed around it is actually from Tasty Crochet. I liked the look of this egg nigiri better.

The nigiri was easy to make- I crocheted the white rice base and stuffed it. I did 4 rice bases, then crocheted the different tops.

Crochet Sushi

Left to right: Egg, Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna.

These were so much fun to make and I was able to use yarn from all the scraps I've accumulated over the years.

Crochet Sushi

That tuna roll, though- the round one on the end? Total pain in the ass to make. Start with bit of deep purple, switch to white, switch to green and do half of the height of the roll. Make another, same as the first. Sew in ends and sew them together, insert stuffing, finish sewing. It was little, fiddly, too many ends (12!!!) to sew in.

Instead, I crocheted a long, 7-stitch strip, starting with minty green, then lots of white, then seaweed green. Then I rolled it up and sewed it shut. Perfect Cucumber Roll. And only 6 ends to sew in. I made 4 of these rolls.

Anyway, I don't have a picture of the final sushi platter- Dollar's sis stopped by and since I missed his niece's birthday, I quickly handed over the plastic to-go container. From what I hear (and a picture I've seen), the niece loves it. And I can't wait to make more food to give as gifts.


Natalie J said...

Those are adorable. I've always wondered what I would do with crochet food, but I think it's all so cute!

Sara said...

that is just too cute!!!

Biologie. said...

Hi! I have the same book and I'm trying to make the nigiri rice base right now. I'm a beginner crocheter and don't understand the directions at all. Your sushi looks so wonderful!

Do you know what it means in Row 1 when the directions say, "continue all round to other side of chain"? I have no idea what that means so I'm kinda winging-it.

I'm glad your niece is enjoying her sushi - so adorable!

Carin Sanjaya said...

hi there, I am having a difficulties as well just like what Biologie experiencing. can you help me with this as well?