[knitting] Haruni... with BEES?!!

Ta da!

Beaded Haruni

Pattern: Haruni

Yarn: Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham. 510 yds used, 2.34 skeins.

Needles: US 4

Beaded Haruni

Mods: I added BEES. (Whenever I think of beads, I end up saying BEES?!? in an angry way because I can't help thinking of this scene from Arrested Development).

Beaded Haruni

I got the yarn at White River Yarns, then scooted down to the Vermont Bead Studio in downtown WRJ to look for matching beads. I bought two vials and only had 11 or so leftover when the shawl was done. These beads were much better quality than the beads that I got from Joanns for the Swallowtail.

I knit Chart A until there were 14 stems on either side of the shawl, adding a bead to the end of each stem. Then I added one last bead to the point on Chart B where the two stems come together.

Beaded Haruni

The yarn is alpaca and silk, so it's very soft and warm. The beads kind of add a cooling effect when this shawl is worn against bare skin. Also, because the yarn doesn't have much if any elasticity, I made the garter border 4 stitches wide rather than 3 and I did not slip the first stitch

Beaded Haruni

Love this. Still need to make a Haruni for me.


andrea said...

This shawl turned out beautiful! I love the beads. they add the "pop"!

Sara said...

It is beautiful - and it isn't for you? I hope you are going to use beads in really makes it sing...

gayle said...

Oh, that's just gorgeous! I have that pattern saved in my library, but wasn't in a hurry to knit it - until now...