[crochet] Korean Koasters

Here are two balls of some mystery wool that I bought in Korea back in 2008:

Yarn from Korea

I found the yarn area of a huge outdoor market and the seller knew only enough English to point at the yarn I was holding say "cashmere". I knew enough about how fibers feel to be skeptical. I honestly don't know if there's even any wool in this yarn or if it's just acrylic loosely wrapped around a nylon core. But the colors are pretty. I just didn't know what to do with it.

But then... Coasters!

Korean Koasters

Pattern: Fall Leaf Coasters

Hook: F (3.75 mm)

Notes: I learned the Magic Adjustable Loop from this video. Very easy and a neat trick, but the grabbiness of the yarn made it difficult to get things going.

But these coasters are so cute:

Korean Koasters

They look like little braided rugs for a doll house.

Korean Koasters

A few of the coasters are one round shorter than the rest, only because I didn't want to end a round with a noticeable color difference from the previous round.

To finish, I steamed and ironed these coasters with conviction.

Korean Koasters

I am so super-duper in love with these. It was also good crochet practice for me- counting stitches, increasing, figuring out how/where to mark the end of the round, getting the tension right, etc.


Sarah said...

Interesting, this stuff looks like Noro. Maybe a knockoff?

amy said...

It looks like Noro but the construction was way off. This yarn has an off-white nylon (I'm guessing) core and the colorful fiber is loosely wrapped around that core. And I would say that this yarn was dk-weight.

I'm not a fan of Noro yarn but I would rank it much higher in quality than this stuff. I'm just so happy the coasters turned out so cute.

gayle said...

Whatever it is, the colors are certainly wonderful. The coasters look like the perfect project for the yarn. (Wouldn't it be funny if it really was cashmere? How decadent are cashmere coasters?)

Anonymous said...

To find out if there is any wool in this yarn: drop a strand (a couple of inches or so) in a small amount of bleach.

Bleach dissolves wool - so if the yarn disappears entirely in five minutes or so, it is/was 100% wool.
With only a partial disappearance of the yarn, it is a wool blend of some sort.
If the yarn is not affected at all, there is no wool present in the yarn.


sajuki said...

amazing :D