[knitting] Vision Hat

A quick hat to make me feel more productive:

Vision Hat

The yarn is Moda-Dea Vision that I bought at an A.C. Moore store in Fort Myers, FL last year. I liked the colors. It had been kicking around my stash ever since and I just pulled it out to make a hat.

That hat was knit on US 8 (5mm) needles. Cast on 90 stitches, k1p1 for 6 rows, increase up to 96, knit up the hat and then decrease. I like the decrease I chose for the crown:

Vision Hat

The yarn was... okay to work with. It's a 65% wool, 35% acrylic blend but it had that squeaky, mostly acrylic-y feel. I wasn't aware but about a year ago Coats & Clark announced that they're discontinuing the Moda-Dea brand. I've heard rumors that they might still release the yarn again another the C&C label or another brand.

The hat turned out quite large. 96 stitches w/worsted weight yarn is usually the perfect fit for me but this hat is too big (maybe my head is shrinking). It will be given away to the first big-headed person who asks for it.

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Sara said...

It is very pretty - but, I don't have a big head...

But, if you can't find someone who does - I have a friend who does...